12 Stress Reduction Tips

  • Deep Breaths  – set a timer – sitting in your most comfortable seat or lying down in a comfortable place – eyes closed – breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.  OPTIONAL – music suggestions: Yanni / George Winston / Jim Brickman
  •  Dream Exercise #1   If $ was no object – describe your perfect meal at a restaurant in your favorite city anywhere in the world and definitely include dessert
  •  Yoga – take a yoga class you’ve never taken before Vinyassa, Hatha, Kundalini etc…
  •  Walking outside – try to find 2 -3 of each: birds, trees, different colored cars, different color of front doors, different plants
  •  Exercising – moving – swim, walk, hike, a ball game – tennis, basketball, etc…
  •  Reading
  •  You Tube babies laughing, animals doing crazy things, et…
  •  Gratitude List
  •  Greeting cards to 5 friends
  • List 10 favorite travel destinations and look for hotel / resorts / cruises
  •  Google 5 different famous people – musical entertainers, actors, painters, Presidents, athletes from 2 different sports to learn how they got started.
  • Meditation

Look for more ideas coming soon.