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Stop the Pain: 4 Steps to Conquer Pain from Inflammation

This program is for you if you are ready to get concrete tips, tools and examples of how to implement  lifestyle action steps to move more freely with less pain.

This program will teach you:

*  Inflammation – what it is – how and why we get it.

* The causes and the 4 Tiers of change that provide your body what it needs to decrease the inflammation to allow greater mobility without pain and a drastic reduction, if not complete elimination, of over the counter and pharmaceutical medications and aid.

* Which foods provide protection again inflammation

* Which foods are health promoting and help in reducing pain

* How to decrease the excretion of inflammation promoting hormones

* Which activities optimize blood flow and promote healing

* Flexibility movements that facilitate positive blood flow to increase toxin elimination and decrease excess inflammatory responses.

* Stress reduction activities that improve positive hormone production resulting in decreasing illness and disease risk factors.

This 2 week program will provide and help you:

* Identify the causes of inflammation and take you through the steps to decrease and, in some cases, eliminate inflammation and the pain it causes

*MP3 RECORDINGS Audio Library to listen to anytime AND You’ll receive weekly video lessons.

* Live weekly call to answer all your burning questions and provide guidance and support.

* Weekly Worksheets— examples and specific actions to implement

*Bonus PDF Worksheets, Articles, Planners  AND more! — extra ideas and support

* You’ll also receive recipes, exercise handouts, stress reduction information, lists and articles to support creating a pain free lifestyle.

*Quick Reference Resource Guide — books, websites and places to get more information

BONUS – 1 hour 1 on 1 Free Assessment

BONUS – Private Facebook Group – lifetime membership — Group where you can share and learn other’s experiences and successes.  Meet, share and discover the joy of belonging to a community that understands and empowers and promotes accountability.

BONUS – Accountability Options

$300.00     COURSE START DATE 11/30/2020

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